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Tennis Memberships

Knoxville’s Premier Tennis Facility

Thank you for your interest in the Knoxville Racquet Club. KRC is located in West Knoxville near the Papermill Road exit off I-40 on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains.
Our staff includes USPTA-certified tennis professionals, most of whom played collegiate tennis at major

KRC offers outstanding facilities including:

  • 14 outdoor clay courts
  • 5 hard courts
  • 10 indoor courts enclosed in a permanent structure
    Indoor fitness center
  • Nursery for children aged 3 months to 7 years at no cost to members

KRC offers a wide variety of tennis programs such as:

  • Leagues for all levels of play on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends
  • Scheduled and drop-in clinics
  • Private lessons
  • Junior clinics and match play from age 5 through high school
  • Tennis socials


Cool Off During The Summer

In the summer KRC boasts championship swim teams in the Greater Knoxville area and fields several competitive junior tennis teams.

We offer multiple levels of tennis camps and clinics for development
of young players. Year-round personal training and fitness classes are offered in our fitness center.

KRC is currently offering the following to new members:

• One free 30-minute private tennis lesson
• 10% off your first Pro Shop purchase
• One free clinic of your choice
• One free 30-minute session of personal fitness training.

Membership Fees

Monthly Memberships (6mo Minimum)

Membership Class



Junior (18 & Under)

Non-Resident Family

Non-Resident Individual

Young Adult

Junior Development Program (JDP) 


Initial Fee










Dues With tax







$10 Monthly

$40 Individual / $50 Family


Annual Memberships

Membership Class
Summer Family

Summer Individual

Summer Grandchild

Initial Fee




Dues With tax




Please call 865-588-1323 or email me (scottpatrick@knoxvilleracquetclub.com) for your personal tour of our outstanding facility. You can return your signed application with the required deposit of $100 to the above address or drop off at our clubhouse or indoor court reception desk.

Thank you again for your interest in our club, and we invite you to join our family of tennis, swim, and fitness enthusiasts!

Membership definitions

Resident/Family (R/F) Membership

R/F members are twenty-one (21) years of age or over and pay membership certificate fee and initiation fee at the time of admission into the club and pay monthly dues. R/F members have full privileges of the club including voting rights and may be elected to the Board of Directors. R/F members may exchange their membership to a Resident individual (R/I) membership without paying the individual initiation fee. R/F members who are single and bring a date are not subject to guest fees and limitations.

Resident/Individual (R/I) Membership

R/I member is twenty-one (21) years of age or over and pays membership certificate fee and initiation fee at the time of admission into the club and pays monthly dues. R/I member has full privileges of the club including voting rights and may be elected to the Board of Directors. R/I may upgrade their membership to R/F membership by paying the difference between the fee paid at admission and the current initiation fee. R/I member is subject to the guest policy as set forth by the Board.

Junior Tennis (JT) Membership

JT members are dependent on children who have not reached their twenty-first (21st) birthday. They have full membership privileges but cannot vote or hold office. When reaching their twenty-first (21st), JT members must resign or upgrade their membership.

Non-Resident (NR) Membership

Non-resident members shall be persons at least eighteen years of age, having their residence a distance of at least fifty miles from the official city limits of Knoxville, Tennessee. Dues of non-resident members shall be one-half the current dues of resident members.

Summer Swim (SS) Membership

SS members are eighteen years or older. From around mid-May to Labor Day Summer Swim members have full access to the facilities. Additionally, they may upgrade to R/F membership and apply their yearly swim deposit fee toward R/F fees.

Young Adult (YA) under 32

YA member(s) are 21-31 years old and have full privileges of the club except cannot vote or hold office. When the YA member reaches the age of thirty-two, YA must upgrade their membership to R/F membership or RI membership. YA member pays the difference between
fee paid at admission and the current initiation fee and must purchase a membership certificate. If YA member elects not to continue in the
club there is no financial obligation.

Grandchild (G) Membership

R/F members who have grandchildren under age fourteen (14) years old may extend the privileges of their club membership to their grandchildren from Memorial Day to Labor Day. R/F members are responsible for their grandchildren while their grandchildren use the club facilities and are responsible for paying all fees including swim and tennis fees. G memberships are available to R/F members for only one year after. After one year upgrading is required by parents of children.

Junior Developmental Program (JDP)

This membership is designed to appeal to junior players who want to assess their interest and skills

Tennis Etiquette
    • Players will be bumped from courts after 1-1/2 hours and all courts are full.
    • Appropriate tennis attire must be worn. Cutoffs, running shorts, jogging shoes, and basketball shoes are not permitted.
      Shirts must be worn at all times. Bathing suits are not allowed on the tennis courts.
    • Since it may distract others, conversation on or near the courts should be held to a minimum.
    • It is improper to retrieve a ball from a court that has a ball in play or to walk by the rear of the court or near any of the lines.
      Balls should be returned to the proper court at the first opportunity.
    • Clear courts quickly and quietly when the time has expired and others are waiting to play.
    • Criticism of your partner or opponent is not proper.
    • When the ball is in play and umpires are not available, line calls are made by the player who is receiving the ball. If the ball cannot be called out, it is good.
    • Gates to the courts are to be closed except when entering or leaving.

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