(865) 588-1323

Child Care

Free Childcare!!!  Open Monday- Friday 9:00 am- 2:00 pm      Ages 6 mos. to 8 years

The Nursery offers a safe and enjoyable environment for your child so you may relax and work out or play tennis knowing your child is in capable hands of Crystal Barker. She is experienced in the area of child care and is highly regarded and trusted by the parents.

Free to all members!

Up to two hours a day.  Reservations are mandatory 24 hours in advance.

Reservations are required 24 hours in advance to ensure that the child/adult ratio stays below 8:1.  Please call the front desk at 588-1323 to let them know how many kids you’re bringing.  The parent must remain on site at all times.  Child(ren) receiving free childcare must be the child or grandchild of the member, otherwise non-member rates apply.

We have members with peanut allergies, therefore we are a Peanut Free Zone. Please send your children with peanut free snacks, or we can provide them.  Also, please provide your child with a drink.

Non-members Rates:


$7.00/1.5 hr
$9.00/2 hr


 $10.50/1.5 hr
 $14.00/ 2 hr


$13.50/1.5 hr
$18.00/2 hr

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